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About Any Any

In technology, and specifically in the technology engineering disciplines Any Any is shorthand for from any source to any destination, and is common parlance describing the concept of universal applicability.

Any Any is based in Sydney, and provides analysis and commentary on Australian policy and trends in how we interact online, particularly as it applies to civil rights and regulatory issues in the digital society and economy.  Any Any analyses the rules and changes in society made by anyone, and the effect that the evolution of online society has on all of us.



Any Any is licensed under a creative commons license, and where it is not 100% original work (such as in the illumination images that accompany articles), it uses creative commons licensed content attributed to the creator in the manner they specify. Sharing is too often something we teach our children and don't practice ourselves. An open and sharing society online is as important as being recognised as the author of one's creative output.


Online is for everyone.  Any Any is checked with accessibility tools such as WAVE after each article posting or other site change to ensure that the site remains compatible with assisstive technologies such as screen readers.  It is not possible with the hosting provider Any Any uses to validate correctly and strictly as HTML5, but the RSS feed is strictly valid and part of the publish checks is to make sure that internationality is preserved; character encodings, directionality and language declarations are such that your browser should always render Any Any OK wherever you are.  You should not ever have trouble reading Any Any, if you do, I will prioritise fixing it if you let me know via the contact page.

Privacy and Compliance

Every website you visit gathers information about you.   The difference between analytics and surveillance is if you are told and the reasons why. Any Any is open about what the site gathers and why. 

If you provide your details to Any Any via the contact page they will not be used for any purpose ever but to reply to you.  Any Any uses both Squarespace and Google Analytics' facilities to track visitor activity, this means when you visit we collect;

  • An IP address
  • Which browser or reader software you are using, as well as what operating system software your computer is running
  • Some information about the page or software you were using that brought you to Any Any  
  • A guess about whether you've been here before or if this is the first time

This is done to gauge the popularity of topics that are written about, and to make sure site design decisions make sense given the audience and their preferences. The referrer information (where you were directly before Any Any) helps decisions about things like where to announce new content.

Any Any is published by Geordie Guy, an Australian who is a citizen of, and resides in, the Commonwealth of Australia, and it is made available on the Internet otherwise by Squarespace which is a company incorporated in New York, NY, in the United States.  As such, both the laws of Australian and the United States are applicable.

Any Any can't control Squarespace's privacy policy which is here so you need to be aware that it applies to you here.   On top of that, if Any Any is required by law enforcement bodies to provide information to authorities then Any Any will do so only to the extent mandated by law - only under a warrant, and only surrendering what the warrant says.  If Any Any feels that a request exceeds what is reasonable and/or legal, warrant or otherwise, Any Any will engage legal advice, but don't rely on that when considering what to share.