Bear Market

Josh Taylor's piece in ZDNet today about the AIIA, which represented Oracle, Apple, IBM, Microsoft et al at the July 2013 IT inquiry, does a great job of exposing one of the primary problems with the inquiry, the debate around it, and regional pricing in general.

To catch up anyone unfamiliar with the inquiry, it primarily undertook to examine why Australians pay, on average, a very significant amount more for identical software and intellectual property based products than overseas counterparts, in particular the United States.

The AIIA shocks precisely nobody when it objects to scrutiny and momentum for change on this issue, but Taylor's quote of a spokesperson from the industry captures the most interesting point.

"Each market 'bears' a price that reflects relative levels of demand and supply, as influenced by consumers' willingness to pay and levels of demand/supply side substitution," the AIIA said.

Ok, so what part of the support for and subsequent conducting of a parliamentary inquiry into the practice leads the AIIA to consider that the market is "bearing" the prices?