Hi and welcome to Any Any.

I believe the federal election will mark a milestone and a change in the way we interract online. Of course by "we" I don't mean Australians generally, we'll consume technology in much the same way as we have for decades, but a change in the regulatory frameworks, media reporting and the connected conversation that will accent, shade and direct the natural evolution of technology consumption in Australia and how we exist on the Internet and through technology.

As the editor launching Any Any today I'm looking forward to following these changes. The new government will take the NBN in a new direction in accordance with their policies and I'll be following that with keen interest. Pressure has mounted before the election for increased regulation of media (particularly political commentary) as well as new behaviour controls for online participation. The coalition appears at least as concerned about the welfare of children online and at least as amorphous about what problem they are trying to solve as the ALP were in 2007. The coalition member of parliament likely to be the new attorney general is on the public record recently as sympathetic to the rights of copyright holders while the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft undergoes a rebrand. Things are moving, and they're moving in new ways. Any Any will be covering the issues themselves, as well as watching the watchers, commenting on journalism in the online space.

Some readers may be familiar with some of my previous writing, as well as my advocacy and other activities in the areas that fall within Any Any's remit. I'm keen to point out that Any Any isn't a continuation of those activities but a unique space for commentary and analysis. There's no intention to advocate, although editorial position certainly will be towards privacy, copyright freedom, online liberty and anti-censorship.

So welcome again, and I hope you enjoy the read.